Thursday, February 2, 2012

Password Generator for N9

The fixed version of my Password Generator for N9 ('unpublished' since July 2011) is successfully accepted and published again to Ovi Store.

If anybody has any question / problem or just a feedback - please write a comment.

More info about the app:

It is an open source: sources are here
Available on Ovi Store here

Main features:
  • Localised everywhere. It works in any language - current active for the device is used, more than 24 languages are supported now by N9.
  • True secure random number generator is used. Hardware's one.
How is it achieved?

Localisation - mostly commonly provided for Meego Touch Framework strings are used. System uses the same strings.

True random number generator. The most interesting feature for me. :)
I am the current maintainer of mssf-qt library package, which is a part of Meego 1.2 Harmattan Security Qt API (more info - Security domain overview). Password Generator uses this library, so briefly for the random data - a request is done, which is transferred to Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) Service - cryptographic and secure one, which generates the needed data. It is not a multiple requests, for example, 8 for 8 characters, but just 1 request.

Really secure and truly random.

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