Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nokia Qt Certification

I passed my last planned MCPD certification exam on 24 November 2011 (70-519, Pro: Pro: Designing and Developing Web Applications Using Microsoft .NET Framework 4) and became Microsoft Certified Professional Developer.

Also I had an opportunity to become Nokia Qt Certified Specialist on 28 November 2011, I passed 2 exams - 010-002: Qt Essentials and 022-001: Core C++ for Qt developers. 


So I can compare some aspects of Nokia Qt and Microsoft Professional Developer certifications.

Available at least since 1993Since 2010
Score report contains exact received points + information of strength and weak topics, what should be improvedCurrently - just Pass or Fail, by forum - might be improved in future
Notification from the company is received on the next day (as exam is provided at a special test service partner - might take some time)The same
No paper certificate by default, PDF or XPS can be downloaded from a special MCP site, paper certificate can be ordered for an additional moneyCertificate is delivered in 4-6 weeks
It is possible to check status anytime on the special site:, available almost immediately (see 2 rows above)No any special site, it should be possible to add a special badge to account on site by an additional request. For me - request is sent more than 1 week ago, still no any reaction/reply
A lot of different examsQt without Widgets seems is impossible, despite of QML is a modern way. I hope it will be improved later for Qt5

So briefly, Nokia Qt Certification is not mature enough, and I hope it will be significantly improved in future.

Anyway preparations for exams helped me to recall some topics and concentrate my knowledge.

So both certification paths - MCPD (MCTS) and Nokia Qt Developer/Specialist are really useful for developers.


Pavan Barot said...

Congratulation for Qt Certification..

Pavan Barot said...

Hi Denis,
can you help me for 2 things:

1) can you help me for both qt certification?

2) how much time for 1-1.5 year experience in qt, minimum time require for preparation for essential and specialist?

mdn said...

Update - Nokia Qt paper certificate is received much faster, just in 2 weeks.

mdn said...

Hi Pavel,

> 1) can you help me for both qt certification?

Please read Cirriculum for both exams carefully:

It really should be easy to pass such exams with 1 year experience in Qt and C++.

> and specialist?

For Core C++ exam - just believe to the exam title and cirriculum, there is really just 1 topic related to Qt, everything else is just a C++.

Other thing - you have to remember that Qt Essentials is based on Qt 4.x, so it might really look old.

I used online Qt documentation and re-checked every topic from cirriculum, that was enough.

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